Art for art’s sake

The sheer joy of the process

I’m “in this art thing” for the experience of creating. Since 2016, I’ve been making art that delights me. For me, the process is soothing and stimulating at the same time. Until 2023 when I got the nerve to show my work in exhibitions, my work was only seen by friends and family and on Instagram.

I would be thrilled if you like my work. I’d be very happy to sell it to you. But I make abstract paintings gel-prints, and collage for the sheer joy of making art.


The most important standard to which I hold myself is to never take myself too seriously. My art is supposed to be fun, and I hope that  

Wonder drives my process. The  goal in my art and in life to make things happen: To take action to cause a reaction or have impact. This action/reaction effect is part of every piece I make: I make a mark, which changes the surface, and I react to make the next. My materials’ natural interactions and those interactions I cause become the evolution of piece. I push the boundaries with art materials and follow my curiosity. I test the limits of my materials and techniques by asking myself “what would happen if I….” With the end result, I hope to spark reaction with viewers, no matter the reaction.

A sense of abandon and play is apparent in all my artwork. Making art is a source of introspection and an expression of joy, pain, and all my emotions in between. For me, making art is an exploration and a never-ending journey that leads me where I am supposed to go when I am supposed to get there..

You will notice a vast array of styles and techniques in my art. While my hand is obvious in all my pieces, I don’t believe in the limiting notion of having “a style.” My renegade personality rejects the notion of limits, boundaries, and hard, fast rules. I know them and respect them, but I reject limits in my own work.

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